Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Crown Brand Final Advertisement

The final outcome of the 3 week project has resulted in this final artwork.
Lots of late nights and cups of tea, but so worth it :)
Very pleased with the final outcome.

Corned Beef Advertisement Development Work

Here are some developed ideas for my Corned beef Advertisement for Crown Brand.
These are a handful of sampled client visuals for the final artwork of the advertisement.


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Final Editorial Piece

The final editorial piece in which I have re-edited from a sketch over the summer depicts a paragraph that implies the anti-security of mobile networking and the types of clientele that signified the negative uprising of bad security in Canada. The other part implies the types of people that had a big part in the negative security, hence the use of the Nazi symbol.

Editorial 4

This editorial piece includes a mad scientist that depicts the scientist removing the mind from a person. however, in this task there was a rule that the illustration was not allowed to feature a stereotypical brain.


And Another

The next editorial is another news article that is describing sound implements that cause distress and annoyance. alongside this the editorial illustration summarises the news article.


Another Editorial Piece

This illustration is based on the magazine 'New Scientist' with the phrase "Smallest Graffiti in the World".
The phrase on the webbing says 'Webz'.

Editorial Pieces

This artwork features a newspaper article alongside the illustration that I created depicting the overview of the article.


Friday, 8 November 2013

Finished Serco Competition Piece

This is the final design that I gave in to the Serco Competition.
There is the possibility of texturizing the image in the future which I am keen to develop however, at this point in time, I am happy with the results of this final piece.

London Serco competition - London Transport Museum Poster


This brief was by far this year one of the most challenging yet most productive pieces I have created so far.
These are the developed images and small pieces of artwork that I created that would be used for a larger combination on an A1 digitalised piece.

Cliff Richard Concert Final Draft


Final design for the Cliff Richard piece. However, there is potential for more development which I am keen to pursue.

Audience for a Cliff Richard Concert - Development Work

Development work leading on from the Audience for a Cliff Richard Concert.

Characters for a Cliff Richard concert

Selected here are characters in which I created to portray an abnormal creation of characters that would be situated at a Cliff Richard Concert. These are the first drafts of the characters for the proposed brief.

Summer 2013 Sampling Of Artwork


Here is a sample of work that I produced over the summer with a handful of images to show off to you guys :)